National Film Foundation of Russian Federation
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Бюджетное Учреждение Культуры
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имущества Госфильмофонда является
Российская Федерация


Storage and provision of materials

  • Storage of the original film footage (original sources) of all former Soviet Union film studios;
  • Storage of scripts, EDLs, posters, photos, etc.;
  • Admission to free state storage of original footage and positives;
  • Obtaining of original videofilm footage and related film materials;
  • Consultation and selection of data needed to create movies and film programs;
  • Issuance of film and video copies on different types of media for temporary use in compliance with copyright and related rights;
  • Ownership of copyrights of cinematographic works created at Russian Federation studios.

Analysis and expertise

  • Technical condition analysis and expertise of movie and video in all kinds of media with given conclusion;
  • Movie analysis based on the creative directorial success;
  • Forecast of the movies’ audience success;
  • Analysis of film scripts and scripting applications;
  • Historical information about the cinematography, directors and film personalities.

Production Activity

  • Replication, reproduction and translation of films and videos on various types of media, including the original film materials for 16, 35, 65, 70-mm film with high shrinkage;
  • Restoration, antiseptic treatment, conservation and preventive treatment, technical inspection of film material;
  • Movie and videofilm laser method Russian and foreign-language subtitling
  • Photocopying and scanning of film frames, billboards, posters and photographs
  • Scanning of film materials (16mm, 35mm, 65mm, 70mm) with HD, 2K, and 4K quality, including archived ones;
  • Audiophonogramm copying and transfer to different types of media, including digital media;
  • Creation and implementation of movies and videofilms, TV and radio shows, audio materials and other audiovisual works;
  • Repair and technical support for film and video equipment, organizations, companies and individuals;
  • Provision of equipment used for copying of audiovisual works and phonograms;
  • Implementation of publishing and informational activities, including the production of newsletters, manuals and other publishing materials, thematic events on topical issues conduct, using movie and video materials;
  • Production and provision of movie and video materials for editing for film and TV/radio programs in compliance with copyright and related rights;
  • Implementation of property rights on intellectual property created or acquired in the process of Gosfilmofond performance;
  • Lecture service to promote the movie and other film materials collection of Gosfilmofond of Russia .

Organization of events and shooting production

  • Organization and conduct of movie festivals, concerts, exhibitions, and other cultural events relevant to Gosfilmofond of Russia sphere of practice;
  • Movie and videofilm demonstrarion on various media at the Illusion movie theatre, as well as other demonstration areas, in compliance with copyright and related rights;
  • Feature and documentary films production;
  • Provision of demonstration areas (Illiusion, Festivalniy Moviecenter) used for the conducting of festivals, concerts, exhibitions, business and corporate meetings, and other cultural events;
  • Provision of catering service;
  • Temporary accommodation at Festivalniy Moviecenter with complementary sauna visit (with pool, hot tub, vacuum hydro massage, jacuzzi, pool tables, and a banquet hall);
  • Zoobase services when shooting movies with animals.

Information for material storage

Printed Edit Decision Lists are required for depositing film footage in Gosfilmofond of Russia.

With soap operas stored on DVD, EDLs are accepted electronically.

Be sure to check with rules of film material deposited, and the requirements of  forms and sample documents.