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Moscow Representative Office

Moscow Representative Office

Gosfilmofond Moscow office is a separate division of the organization.

 Representative Office in Moscow has been established for:

• representation of Gosfilmofond of Russia in the legislative and executive authorities of the Russian Federation and Moscow, other agencies and organizations, as well as while working with individuals;

•  Gosfilmofond of Russia filling with domestic and foreign films, documentaries, non-fiction and animated films and other footage;

• awareness and methodical work to promote the film collection (festivals, exhibitions, filmmakers recitals, newsletters issuance) according to the plans approved by Gosfilmofond of Russia management;

• provision of copies of domestic and foreign feature, documentary, popular science and animated films on the Representation serviced facilities in accordance with the Gosfilmofond of Russia rules;

• develop strategy for creative and production activities in accordance with the Gosfilmofond of Russia Code;

• registration of incoming domestic and foreign films, documentaries, popular science and animated films and videos in various formats (the act of registration of films is certified with a special stamp of Gosfilmofond of Russia);

• checking the status of incoming films and videos for compliance with technical operation regulations of film copies and videophnogramms;

• delivering film copies to the Gosfilmofond for inclusion in the public collection of movies;

• developing a restricted annotated filmography of new films and videos;

• the creation of the lists of incoming films and videos by genre, studios, production companies, year of release, actors, directors;

• issuance, having permission of Gosfilmofond management, of the motion picturefor the film projectors ofministries, institutions, public agencies and community organizations for service and informational display;

• developing a repertoire and schedule of film screenings for customers, accepting applications from them, taking orders of indicated films of Gosfilmofond of Russia;

• developing programs for non-competitive films for film festivals using the Gosfilmofond of Russia collection;

• organizing and conducting festivals and recitals in Russia;

• providing reference services for film organizations;

• Preparation of contracts with organizations for their film service;

• subtitling  incoming  foreign films and domestic movies to show them abroad.


Representation consists of:

• Main group of experts;

• Department of Film and Video Projects Reception

• Information and Methodology Department;

• Department for cultural and educational activities;

• Technical and economic support department.


Address: Maliy Gnezdnikovsky pereulok., 7/6 , Moscow

Phone: 8(495)629-91-09, 8(495) 629-48-69, т/факс: 8(495)234-18-61